Is He Gay?

Brian Rzepczynski
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Reader Question:

I gave a guy my number and he texted back. Is he gay? I haven’t asked him. He said he just wants tomeet new people.

Do straight guys do this?

-Leon (Illinois)

Brian Rzepczynski’s Answer:

Hi Leon!

We always have to be careful about making generalizations, and I do believe straight men who are seeking friendships would be open to giving out their numbers to another man. However, you’ll want to tread carefully here.

My suggestion for you would be to keep corresponding with him and start hanging out with him socially. Over the course of time and through shared experiences, you’ll begin to learn more about him and where his preferences really lie.

By being open and upfront about the fact you’re gay can expedite much of this “unknown” territory, so at least he knows from the outset who he’s befriending.

Only do this if you feel comfortable and safe, as you have to protect yourself, and avoidfantasizing about himuntil you know for sure what the playing field is to avoid setting yourself up for disappointment.

Good luck!

Dr. Brian