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分手can be difficult — there’s just no getting around it sometimes. Most people don’t want to get dumped or do the dumping, but it can be necessary when the relationship has run its course. As Taylor Swift says: “So it’s gonna be forever/Or it’s gonna go down in flames.”

No one has really mastered the best way to break up with someone — we could all probably make improvements. Today, we’re presenting you with eight tips to make the situation easier, and each tip is backed by research.


有一个原因,有人说“诚实是最好的政策。”它只是为。尤其是在分手。据今日心理学,honesty is the best way to achieve “minimal hurt, pain, and drama” when ending a relationship。它可能不是很容易的眼睛看的人,并说,令人不安的事实,但它是更好的长期运行。

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Being honest can feel painful and uncomfortable in the moment, but it’s much kinder long-term.




Sometimes in a bad breakup, it’s tempting to fall into personal attacks. Even if the other person is being nasty, don’t engage and make it a fight. This is how people end up burning each other’s possessions, so don’t go that route.


试着做一种恭维三明治。First say something nice, next slip in your concern, and then end with something positive。它的工作原理是这样的:“艾米,我真的很喜欢这些过去的六个月里结识你。但是现在,我觉得我需要在不同的方向走。你是一个真棒的人,我希望把最好的东西给你。”

3. Stay on Target and Be Firm



4. Practice and Rehearse What You’re Going to Say

在你准备得越充分,越平滑解体会去。这个建议适betway登陆网址用于所有年龄段。TeensHealth建议年轻人对浪漫think through their decision to break up and feel clear about why it’s necessary before acting

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When you go to break up with someone, be ready to explain your reasons and answer her questions.

You’re breaking up for a reason, so make sure you communicate that. Hit your bullet points without taking overly long: “Danielle, we have been fighting too much, and it’s not healthy. I think we need to break up. I’ve thought a lot about it, and I’m not interested in working on it — I just want to move on.”

Say it out loud to yourself beforehand. Get your mouth used to physically saying the words. Try to also think about what their reactions/arguments will be and prepare answers for them.


This will be difficult. There’s no denying that. However, if the other person is open and agreeable, your supportive remarks could help them grow.

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Breaking up isn’t a time to wound; it’s a time to heal.

During a breakup, Psychology Today emphasizesmeeting that person’s needs as well as your own, so that the whole experience is mutually beneficial.


A scorched-earth approach might feel gratifying in the moment, but you’ll regret it later and always associate negative feelings with your relationship. No one wants that. Instead, choose personal growth by helping your ex see that splitting up is a good thing for both of you.

6. Don’t Ghost Her (a.k.a. Disappear Without Saying Anything)

You may be tempted to go out in a blaze of glory or simply pull爱尔兰再见,但不仅可以将这些假长久感情的创伤 - 它们往往是不成熟的,有时简直是平均值。你比这更好的。

Men have an overall tougher time facing emotions。无论是它的大脑化学物质,我们如何募集,或简单的经验不足,但事实是,有些男人的本能是要避免情绪完全。像瘟疫。

因此常见的,简单,无可否认terrible way that guys break up with girls is to “ghost them。” This means ceasing all communication, abruptly and permanently. You’re dating one day, you’re not speaking the next.


120名妇女和65人的调查发现,both genders partake in ghosting habits

This is done in hopes that the ghostee will just “get the hint” and leave the subject alone. It spares you from dealing with it by essentially shoving the burden on your ex. You’re leaving her with a ghost, a haunting mystery she doesn’t fully understand.

While it may seem easier (out of sight, out of mind!), studies have concluded that避免是一个更伤害和最不优选解体方法。它增加焦虑,不给关闭,和整体吸收。不会消失的女孩。那是懦夫的出路。



Even if you feel justified, take the high road and don’t be jerk. Take my word for it that purposely trying to hurt another human being will never end well. Years later, you’ll be stuck with the guilt and shame.

8. Avoid Manipulative or Indirect Tactics

You can’t win a breakup. This is high-school thinking, and it’s wrong. You’re both losing a personal connection with someone you once cared about, so you should treat that with respect.




Also, don’t break up via text. Text breakups are insulting and disrespectful. Anything besides a private, in-person conversation is the wrong way to go. The point isn’t to humiliate her, punish her, avoid her, or even spare her feelings — the point is the break up with her. So do that as straightforwardly as you can.


Basically, the best answer to any issue in a relationship is upfront communication. Yes, honesty can sting, but lies and avoidance always cut deeper. People want closure, even if it isn’t what they were hoping to hear.