治疗师辛迪·达内尔(Cyndi Darnell)帮助夫妻在性爱和恋爱中找到更多的乐趣


治疗师辛迪·达内尔(Cyndi Darnell)帮助夫妻在性爱和恋爱中找到更多的乐趣

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简短的版本:性与关系治疗师王心凌达内尔在世界各地都有客户,and she's seen nearly every issue related to intimacy.However,her clients share one common thread: Most of them aren't quite sure how to derive maximum pleasure from sex.Cyndi teaches her clients about those subjects in person as well as through online courses,workshops,and a soon-to-be-released book.在该领域有20多年的经验,她帮助人们解决了许多问题,过着更充实、更刺激的生活。



王心凌达内尔,性与关系治疗师,Coach,and Mentor with more than 20 years of experience,知道大多数人学习生殖的机制。But they rarely,如果有的话,学习如何取悦伴侣,or themselves,在性爱中。As a result,他们可能会在恋爱关系和生活中挣扎。

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“我们大多数人都没有接受过适当的性教育,所以我们必须用自己的在线研究来填补空白。"It's hard to know how to integrate that information we find online.当人们想要对自己臀部的形状或阴茎的大小感到更舒服时,online searches may give them a cognitive idea but not show them how to integrate that into their lives.这些都是我们经常需要帮助的问题。

辛迪拥有澳大利亚著名大学的两个硕士学位,她利用自己超过1万小时的临床经验来教育客户。In addition to sharing information on the latest research and scientific 必威体育app旧版本studies on sex,she also helps people better understand and accept their bodies.


“过去的问题是信息根本不存在。But now we have all of the information,and we don't know what to do with it," she said.我们不知道如何面对这种感觉,sit with the conversation.We don't know how to sit with the complexity.I teach my clients how to use that information."


辛迪去年从澳大利亚搬到纽约,并已将业务拓展到世界各地的客户。她的客户大多在30到80岁之间,but they vary in terms of gender,性取向,以及他们在爱情生活中遇到的问题。

"I'm particularly well-known for working with people who are interested in exploring sexuality that may be outside the norms.我将与任何愿意做要求的工作,并寻求比标准答案更多答案的人合作。“一个真正致力于探索可能性的人,而不是试图把一个方形的钉子放进一个圆形的洞里。”

“我非常重视研究和科学,so I approach things from a medical,clinical,社会、甚至是政治观点。— Cyndi Darnell

这有助于整个治疗行业在过去几年的发展。Today,clients don't need to see a therapist in person unless they want to.辛迪会在客户能上网的任何地方拜访他们,有时会待上几个小时。

"If clients are passing through New York,他们可以预约强化课程,where I will work with them and their partner for a whole day," she said."For those outside of New York,我提供在线课程。It's a fantastic format because people can have the conversations that they long to have without ever having to leave their house."

搬到美国后,她注意到一个显著的不同很多人认为接受治疗就像去看医生和使用他们的保险。Yet,sex therapy is less like curing an illness and closer to an education that people can integrate into their lives.

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辛迪将自己作为治疗师和教练的风格描述为与老朋友交谈——但你不必担心的人会告诉别人。And she's probably more knowledgeable than most friends.

“我非常重视研究和科学。我阅读了所有最新的研究,了解了世界各地人类性必威体育app旧版本行为的最新趋势。"So I approach things from a medical,clinical,社会、甚至是政治观点。

working with Cyndiisn't just about getting over your own thoughts about sexuality.

“当我们谈到整合想法时,我们必须把它们带出精神领域,进入一种生活体验。身体的智慧,I find,是最有用的,”她说。“它教会人们如何体验自己的身体和伴侣的身体,这样一来,性就不再是一种表现,而是一种快乐。”

Integrating science-based education into their sexual experiences has helped her clients dramatically.一位在澳大利亚拜访过她的客户说,她害怕在性行为中被插入——尽管她已经结婚,已经35岁左右了。但她想要怀孕,所以她已经准备好去工作了。

“我们一起工作了14个月,消除了她对痛苦的性生活或过高期望的恐惧,我们揭开了她的羞耻和尴尬。她很勇敢,and earlier this year,她寄给我一张她新宝宝的照片,所以治疗起作用了。


除了在高中课堂上或从慌张的父母那里学习基础知识,大多数人从未接受过适当的性教育。这就是辛迪提出的原因异域解剖与觉醒地图集course,which is available along withother online courses.

She created the online courses after she realized how many of her clients simply viewed sex as a way to make babies,而不是其他方式,它可以带来快乐。

"The truth is,大多数人不是为了生孩子而做爱。They have sex for a lot of other reasons,她说。“当人们在高中没有得到他们需要的关于性是如何运作的信息时,他们可能永远不会明白这有多么令人愉快——尤其是女性。

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By explaining the inner workings of the body,Cyndi helps partners learn how to please one another.Regardless of penis size or other social tropes,couples have plenty of ways to have a fun and fulfilling sex life,她说。

To help with this,Cyndi is working on a book about creating eroticism for those struggling with their libido.虽然传统上认为这是女性的问题,更多的男性也在这个领域苦苦挣扎。People are encouraged to注册她的时事通讯to be among the first to learn when the book is released.

"I'm also working on more classes about online dating,mindfulness,and intimacy,as well as projects about creating erotic connections," she said.我们需要在现代语境中扩展关于性的对话。这些都将在2019年实现。